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It’s hard to say who is worse off during these mass-casualty events, the dead or the wounded or those who witness the violence up close and personal. So many people are traumatized for no good reason. I suspect that even viewers of television coverage get a sick feeling in their stomachs when these horrors occur. I know I do. Continue reading

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It’s un-American for the wealthy to leave fortunes to their children and grandchildren. It creates a caste system, which is what we fought a revolution to avoid. Under current tax policy anyone who dies can leave up to $5.5 million tax-free to relatives. Any excess above $5.5 million is taxed at 40%, generally speaking. It’s a bit more complicated, but taxation always is. Loopholes are important to rich people. They pay tax attorneys a lot of money to maintain their power and financial privileges.

Forty percent is not generous enough for people like our current president and his GOP associates. They want the “death tax” (as they derisively call it) eliminated. I’m arguing that the rate should be increased to 100%. Handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to spoiled brats is destroying the USA. A corrosive degeneracy is creeping into every sphere of the lives of the wealthy. Continue reading

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Escape from Freedom

During the call—which was broadcast to the world via speaker-phone before a full congressional gathering—Howard Hughes said that he was doing OK. He was alive. Someone asked, almost as an afterthought, if he was happy. His reply stunned the audience into silence. He answered, No… I’m not happy. Continue reading

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I am probably going to take some readers into an unfamiliar landscape—one that Jesus could not have described to primitive people. I don’t want to alarm anybody. Some readers might experience fear; a few may wobble off-balance as they feel the ground shake beneath their feet.
My intent is to strengthen the resolve of believers to make whatever changes are necessary to secure the future of humankind. Jesus said that he was sent by God, his Father, to save the world, not judge it. He suffered on the cross, so that those who belong to Him won’t burn in Hell, which is our destiny apart from the love of a friend who had the desire and courage to rescue us.
Jesus said that God is love, and that all people are evil. Humans—everyone of us—are haters, whether we are able to admit it or not. Wherever it is that God lives, it is no place for people; it’s off-limits to haters. People can’t live where God lives, unless they are born again into a new life that remakes who they are at their core. Continue reading

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Bad people don’t suffer. They are not debilitated by hurting others. They are energized.
It seems to me that people didn’t suffer during the Obama years; they hated, some of them; there’s a difference. Nasty people posturing as patriots hated on a black man who managed to become president of the most powerful slave-state in human history. He won a Nobel Prize for it; no one believed a country with a reputation for racial-cruelty would ever permit such a thing to happen. But it did. Continue reading

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Jesus said, “It is accomplished” before his resurrection took place—days before. It seems to be impossible for a modern person to believe that a dead person can be brought back to life by any process anyone can imagine.
What amazes me is that folks don’t believe the simple things Jesus said, which are counter-intuitive, perhaps, but easily demonstrated by anyone who lives life to the fullest. Rich people are not going to heaven, for example, unless God arranges a miraculous intervention. One might think Christians would be shedding their money like dead skin. Yet some pastors preach that prosperity and wealth are an indicator of God’s favor… Continue reading

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Can things get worse? Of course. Government leaders lie. Many are hypocrites. It’s often not possible to know what’s true. A lot of people who wear suits and ties are haters. It’s true. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

People are afraid of babies. It’s not unusual. Sometimes—from ancient history until now—people kill them; who knows why? Everyone has their reasons. An ex-girlfriend once called to tell me she was pregnant. At the time, it seemed like the worst news of my life. Continue reading

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