Election 2014

obama in kenyan muslim garb
Kenyan Usurper Barack Obama (KUBO)

In an effort to bring common sense to government, citizens of the United States voted yesterday to restore control of the Senate and House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan usurper—the first modern president to misplace his birth certificatecalled the vote idiotic.

Sobbing John Boehner
Sobbing John Boehner

Republicans have vowed to quickly demonstrate their ability to lead by promising to impeach both President Obama and VP, Joe Biden, so that sobbing John Boehner—the House Majority Leader (and next in line)—can ascend to the Oval Office. Boehner, for his part, pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act and return health-care in America to what it has always been—unaffordable.

St Andrews
The GOP pledged to improve racial segregation by offering low cost loans to gated communities, exclusive golf resorts, and home-schools.

The Grand Old Party promised to eliminate taxes on anyone earning over one-million dollars per year to “free up the economy” and bring prosperity to America—like was done in 2008, at the end of the Bush administration.

Triumphant GOP honchos guaranteed they will annihilate ISIS, totally eradicate diseases like Ebola and the dreaded GAY, and make Ted Cruz a household name. They pledged to intensify the national campaign to improve racial segregation by offering low-interest loans to gated-communities, private golf-resorts and home-schools. And—in a bold election year tip-of-the-hat to Alaska, Wisconsin and Michigan—they swore to raise the temperature of planet Earth to a more comfortable setting by ignoring those silly scientists who are always belly-aching about global warming.

GOP leader promised mandatory firearms training for preschoolers.
GOP leaders agreed to work with Democrats to fund firearms training for preschoolers.

GOP paladins vowed to construct a half-mile wide oil-filled ignite-able moat (you know, the kind they dig around castles) to stop the huddled Mexican masses yearning to breathe free from ever crossing the border into the United States again. And last (but not least) they agreed to work with Democrats to fund firearms training for preschoolers.

Not Jesus.

Christian leaders praised today’s election results, some saying it pleased Jesus, it really did, to learn that responsible, rich people with good values were finally going to fix things in America. No more Muslim presidents, one GOP preacher asserted with conviction. Nor brown-skinned ones, another giggled.

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