Images & Pics Policy

It is the policy of to place in articles and pages only those images and pictures which belong to Billy Lee or are in the public domain. 

When Billy Lee started his blog on January 17, 2014, he used the blog as a kind of personal scrapbook. For most of the first year he illustrated his articles with images he downloaded during Google Internet searches. Since Google didn’t identify which images were proprietary and which were public, it is possible some images on this web-site may belong to individuals who might not want them used by Billy Lee.

image and picture policy graphicThe Editorial Board is asking any individual who finds a proprietary image on this blog-site to contact us through the Reader’s Comments section at the end of the article where the image appears, so that we may identify and remove it. Comments referring to an image will be read by Billy Lee but not published. is a non-commercial blog-site administered by a single retired individual (Billy Lee) for the entertainment of his adult children and a few Facebook friends. It has one active staff-member: Billy Lee.  

The blog has a tiny readership and collects no monetary fees or any other kind of remuneration. It accepts no advertising. It does not itself advertise or recruit readers or offer subscriptions. New articles are announced on Billy Lee’s FaceBook and Twitter pages as a convenience to family members and close friends.


The Billy Lee Pontificator Editorial Board
(an imaginary organization which exists only in the mind of Billy Lee)

Post Script:  The Editorial Board asks that images used on this web-site which picture identifiable human beings not be copied or used by others in any way without Billy Lee’s written permission. As of February 1, 2015 we are still not sure if every image on our site conforms to our images policy. We continue to work to identify proprietary images and remove them. In any case, no image appearing on is to be copied or used by others in any commercial context whatsoever. 

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