The Billy Lee Process

Even the Pillsbury Doughboy has a blog.
Even the Pillsbury Doughboy has a blog.

Over two million people write and publish blogs on a regular basis in the United States. Each writer has their method and process. Some make a living from their blogs. They operate wide-open sites and try to boost readership to sell ads or products.

Others restrict access by requiring membership and a pass-code to get in. They operate like fraternities or secret clubs.

My blog is wide open, but I don’t sell ads or products. My focus is about sharing ideas and absurdities for fun. As long as I have a readership of two people I’m going to continue.

robot swarm
Asian Bots

I should mention that not long after I launched my blog a swarm of Asian bots from the women’s apparel industry attacked my site, so I’ve had to add two minor restrictions. First, each comment is reviewed before posting—to make sure it’s from a real person; and, second, we make sure comments are written in English or French, the two languages I can read. Otherwise, everyone comments freely. If your comment doesn’t go up right away, wait a few hours. It will be posted soon enough.

If you are family or friend and decide to change or take down your comment after you’ve posted, e-mail me your request and it will be done.

zip-password-protect-extract-dlg_01One more concern. Because of my affiliations outside of this blog, on certain subjects (like religion) I’ve learned I’m not really free to present just any content I choose to the general public. From time to time you may encounter password-protected content. This content is being reviewed by people I respect for its suitability for public viewing.

Consider this content part of my private journal. As with any private journal, the contents are limited to close confidants only. Please ignore it and take no offense. You wouldn’t expect me to read your private journals either, I hope.

If the content is appropriate for public viewing, the password protections will come off, soon enough. Otherwise, so as not to unduly torment folks about what they might be missing, the protected article will be removed; again, soon enough.

Note: In April, 2015, Billy Lee ended affiliations with organizations that might censor him.  The Editorial Board

Editors Note: On July 1, 2015, The Editorial Board unanimously decided to no longer post password protected content on the Billy Lee Pontificator site.

As for my process…

I think about a piece—sometimes for several days—before I write it. Once it’s written and the piece seems reasonably coherent, it’s published. Then I announce it through Facebook and Twitter.

After a good night’s sleep I re-read it.

blog tips
                       I don’t do this.

It is at this point I invariably recognize that what I’ve written is a confused mess—I left out the graphics or forgot to add links to Wikipedia or other good sources; there is too much passive voice and inappropriate punctuation; attempts at humor make me sound like a jerk instead of a sage; correct adjectives are on the wrong nouns; sentence structures are muddled; ideas lack clarity. Ouch. Nine times out of ten I have a panic-attack, after which I go into over-drive to straighten it all out.

A few days or so later, either because I’m exhausted or deluded, I triumphantly decide the piece is finished and set it aside. Perhaps weeks later—what the heck—I might update it again. In fact, my blog is alive. When I learn new information that adds value, I add it—sometimes months later. People can revisit articles and often find added content to further enhance their understanding of whatever topics they find interesting.

According to the readership stats, it’s possible no one has ever read a finished article on my blog. It may also be true that no one has ever finished reading an article on my blog, either. Some essays get kind of long-winded, if you know what I mean. I’m not proud of it.

The upside is: each time a reader encounters an essay I’m working on there is a reasonable chance that it will read better than before; there is a chance it will reveal even more surprises and controversies than before. The chance might be one in a million, but it’s reason enough to check back from time to time for new content.   

Billy Lee

The Editorial Board enforces restrictions on the sharing of content from our website. Refer to the last paragraph on the page How to Use this Site to learn about the consequences people experience from illegal sharing.

Downloading or copying original content from is strictly forbidden. Our intent is for content to be read on the web-site and no where else. Violators will be sued.

Sharing links that take readers to our web-site is fine. We encourage it. 

The Billy Lee Pontificator Editorial Board

3 Replies to “The Billy Lee Process”

  1. No one likes the way pickle relish, hot dogs and sausage are made, once they see for themselves. But they still eat them. Since my blog isn’t for sale and is about ideas which can change during an open discussion, my process is what it is and will probably continue. But I pledge to present more polished articles in the future. I’m not a professional writer or blog host. And I’m an old geezer to boot. My feeling is the articles have value whatever state they are in. But in deference to your concerns, Micah, from now on I will try to write first drafts that will stand the tests of time.

  2. No. It should be finished when you post. No one in today’s busy world or any other world has the time to proof read your work for you. And no one is coming back to find new “nuggets” in a piece that wasn’t interesting the first time around.

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