Statement: The Billy Lee Pontificator Editorial Board

This essay is a collection of Facebook rants that Billy Lee wrote and later deleted, because he is a coward and feared readers might turn on him; even stone him to death. Billy Lee deleted his tantrums from Facebook, yes, but he copied and pasted them into what he thought was a secret file on his blog site.

Billy Lee has no secret files; not any he can hide from us, anyway—his Editorial Board.  Nuh uh…No way…. We got to reading his “secret” files the other day, and guess what? His Trump file was pretty good.  

We decided to tell Billy Lee to stand up; to act like a lion, not the mouse he so often seems to be. Publish this stuff, we told him. Even Billy Lee Junior and Fannie Jeane agreed. They talked him into it. They really did. It was them two, not us.

So here goes: Billy Lee said we could publish his warnings about the orange-man, who he fears will destroy the country we love—if he doesn’t make some changes to his deplorable personality. Billy Lee insisted that we encrypt the name of “orange-man” to protect our site from harassment by Trump trolls and bots. No problem.

The Editorial Board

Note: On September 18, 2016 Billy Lee removed the encryption we used to hide his essay from web search-engine spiders. He told us that he wants to stand (or maybe crash and burn) on the words he wrote. NO FEAR! he choked between bouts of episodic projectile vomiting. NO FEAR!

Note: On November 9 (11-9) news outlets declared Trump the winner of the 2016 presidential election. We wish our new president the very best. We pray that he will reassure all Americans that he loves them and will serve with the humility and respect for human rights and freedoms that his high calling demands. One way to start is to apologize to the civilians (non-politicians) he insulted and falsely accused of crimes and human failings during his campaign.  The Editorial Board


Ted Cruz took many evangelicals away from Trump. For this, we must thank him for his courage. His sacrificial act at the Republican National Convention brought wrath from the Trump goons, but he was trying to save America from making the worst mistake in our history. God is good. [Editors Note: (November 19, 2016) Exit polls now show that Trump received the largest percentage of evangelical votes, ever. 81% voted for him; Hillary Clinton received 16%.]

Senator Ted Cruz says he is a follower of Jesus. A Trump surrogate called Cruz a “Zika virus.” Cruz refused to endorse the GOP presidential candidate, because the orange-man insulted his wife, among many other things.

A top Trump super Pac leader called Senator Ted Cruz a Zika virus. The GOP doesn’t want him. Good riddance to the Zika virus. The rhetoric reminds me of Hitler; the way he painted his detractors.

Editors Note: on Friday, September 23, Cruz tweeted that he would vote for Trump to honor a promise he made before the GOP convention to support the nominee; Hillary Clinton was too liberal. His “non-endorsement” lasted two months; it ended two days before the first presidential debate. The Pontificator endorsed Hillary Clinton on February 10, 2016

I’m feeling good vibes about America tonight. Our neighborhood sounds like the happiest war zone anyone could ever imagine. [This paragraph is from a July 4th FB entry. The Editorial Board] God is healing our country, even if we can’t see it, some of us.

All we have to do is love and forgive. The rest is easy. Be confident and do what’s right. That’s the goal for summer and fall and into the elections. All else is up to God, whose angels protect us all, twenty-four seven.

Ted Cruz, you are a beautiful man. Thank you for what you said and did at the GOP cross-burning. They called it a convention, but you knew better. 2,500 delegates showed up; 18 were black—less than one percent. Nobody in leadership attended; not the Bush family; not the McCain’s; nor the Romney’s; not anyone of integrity, good will, and national stature. It took bravery, Mr. Cruz, and you showed it. May God bless and protect you.

My take away is this: these are very sad days for Trump and his family. He loves America, he says, but he’s lived inside a bubble of privilege his entire life. He doesn’t understand which way the wind is blowing, and he seems dangerously close to having a heart attack every time he speaks. (He’s seventy years old.) Despite his words, which some take to be patriotic, he and his friends may very well wreck America (much like Bush W. almost did) by making the country a hostile, unfriendly place for people who want to use the freedom granted by our Constitution to warn us of our follies.

The people who support Trump, many of them, behave on the internet like vicious animals (apologies to my furry friends in the animal kingdom); they seem to carry a lot of race-hate in their hearts as well as hatred for my gal, Hillary, who I love. Log onto the Internet and go to their twitter feeds, anyone who doesn’t believe it. Hillary Clinton is Mother Teresa compared to many of them.

Editor’s note: on January 6, 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report (click this link), which concluded that agents of Russian intelligence created bots on social media to intimidate and suppress Hillary Clinton supporters. Billy Lee received threats on Twitter from a few of them.

Despite all this hate, many Christian pastors and opinion leaders have jumped on board the Trump train—if you ask them privately, which I have. It disturbs me to hear pastors defend Trump; who tell me that he “accepted Christ” a few months (or years) ago; that although he behaves badly, we have to give him the benefit of all doubts—he’s a “baby Christian”, after all; he needs time to grow.

gott-mit-uns-german-belt-buckleIt reminds me of the excuses some religious leaders gave Hitler, who not only claimed to be a Christian tasked to carry out God’s Holy Will, but encouraged his minions to stamp the words, “Gott mit uns” on their military-issued belt-buckles.

God is with us, they chanted as pastors and congregants alike took the world to war and caused the deaths of nearly a hundred million people in a futile and absurd quest to exterminate the progeny of “those people” they blamed for the Crucifixion of Christ Jesus Himself. To add context, this crucifixion was a state-execution of a rogue rabbi by the Roman Empire, which was carried out two-thousand years ago.

Today the Christ-haters are Muslims, they tell us. We are supposed to elect a candidate who says he wants to exterminate them—the really bad ones plus their families—at least for now. Later…well…we’ll see about that—after we figure out just what the hell is going on.

What is going on—what’s wrong with America—is this: our elites aren’t carrying their weight; they aren’t supporting the people in the countries that protect them. They are—many of them—decadent, immoral, insensitive, and entitled.

Trump is a billionaire. No matter how well-intentioned, he is the last person we should pick to lead our country.

On the RNC twitter feed, a trumper challenged me for posting the following: A few minutes ago on Fox News Congressman Darrell Issa said Hillary was 72 years old. She is 68; Trump is 70. Turn FOX NEWS off.

The emotions of the haters are high right now. It’s probably a good time to get off the Internet and let these lunatics implode on their own. I’m a coward, anyway. Until today, I didn’t have the guts to challenge them. I was too scared.

I must have blocked at least 100 tweeters, so I could follow the Democratic convention on Twitter without seeing grotesque images and reading threats in the feeds.  [As of the day of this posting, Billy Lee has blocked over 3,000 Trump lunatics.  The Editorial BoardThe amazing part for me was to learn that Twitter was also blocking crazies. What I blocked were trumper-nazis who were somehow getting by the censors.

What I learned is that it doesn’t matter if Trump is good or bad. Who knows?—he might be a Christ follower—some Christian leaders say he is. What matters is that he and his movement are unleashing the dogs of war on the American people. These dogs stalk the Internet; they worship guns; some have tens-of-thousands of followers.

They say vicious things; they make veiled threats and not so veiled threats. They post disgusting images. They rally around Trump with their confederate and American flags; their guns; their hogs and choppers. They’ve got it all figured out.

The cure for what’s wrong is violence, they believe. They embrace the cure. They worship cruelty. They behave like bullies. They take no prisoners. They show no mercy. At least on Twitter.

In the real world outside Twitter, they might all be little old ladies in combat boots texting away on their iPads inside nursing homes, for all I know, but I block them anyway and pray that their hero never makes it to the White House.

Trump supporters worked themselves into a frenzy at the GOP convention. They chanted, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”  They never explained why.

After the GOP convention, I felt more confident he won’t.  Lock her up! Lock her up! his delegates chanted. It sounded to me like, Crucify her! Crucify her!

Only haters scream words like these. Sometimes they get their way. Haters locked up Jesus and killed him. Some people said, he did nothing wrong. Some said, he loved others. He healed people. He lived a perfect life.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton: What difference did it make?  Right now, I’m not sure about the results of the approaching election. Some polls say Trump will be president.

The Russian mafia is working with the GOP to take down Hillary, some people in the intelligence community are saying. It’s a nightmare scenario.

During a debate last year, Trump explicitly said that he’d met Putin, while the two of them sat backstage waiting to appear on 60 Minutes. I got to know him very well because we were both on 60 Minutes; we were stablemates, said Trump at the time.

Trump said this summer that he doesn’t know Putin. He’s never met him.

Trump married two women from communist countries—his first wife, Ivana and his current wife, Melania. The one non-communist he married, Marla Maples, bore him a child out of wed-lock. He later married her. They divorced five years after, before a sunset-clause on his prenuptial agreement expired. Marla got nothing—a reported 2 million dollars out of the many thousands-of-millions Trump had accumulated.

Has anyone visited Trump twitter feeds to see who his acolytes are?  I did.  I saw thousands of bots with 5 followers and 25 tweets flooding twitter-feeds with pro-Trump anti-Hillary nonsense. It was annoying and scary. I also found Trump worshippers, sometimes with tens-of-thousands of followers. I blocked the worst of them; the ones with pornographic images of Hillary, or assault weapons, or threatening messages in their bios.

People are afraid of Trump and his cult of rabid followers; he says he will enable our police to become even more aggressive than they already are. Is it any wonder that he has zero-percent support among black citizens who must endure the militarized police state our nation has engineered to suppress and control their righteous rage?

People are afraid to speak up for what they know in their hearts is right, because GOP thugs scare them. Most white Americans who are not members of minority groups are not accustomed to being scared; to experiencing fear; they aren’t in the habit of self-censorship to protect the people they love (except at work, where political disagreements with owners can cost people their livelihoods).

We can’t let fear stop us from speaking out. We can’t let the Trump train terrorize us into silence—not while we still have a chance, no matter how slim, to derail it.

Here’ something to remember: After the Russians captured Hitler (to be historically accurate, no one has ever claimed responsibility for finding him), and the allies conquered Germany the common people said they knew nothing about the concentration camps; they were shocked when the allies forced them to walk through the many slave-labor camps where six million people toiled and died, many by poison gas and immolation.

After Trump is elected, we won’t hear about the bad things that are happening in our country. It isn’t going to be on television. People are going to disappear, and we won’t know why or how.

His people will muzzle the press (some people are saying they already have), but we won’t know. A nation that can’t figure out FOX NEWS is not going to figure out sophisticated attacks against democratic values by people who are truly evil.

That’s why we have to speak up and vote. We have a chance to stop the rise of fascism in America. We have to take the chance we still have.

Tony Schwartz wrote Trump’s Art of the Deal. He spent eighteen months at Trump’s side following him around and listening to his conversations, phone calls, and so on. He wrote the book, and Trump signed it. Trump and Schwartz split the money it made 50/50.

Like Trump, Schwartz is a “tweeter”, who I started following recently.

Tony Schwartz made millions from the sale of the book he wrote: The Art of the Deal. He is warning voters that Trump is a sociopath.

Schwartz now says: I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.

Schwartz says he wishes he titled his book, The Sociopath.

What bothers me is that people who have read Art of the Deal believe they know Trump. The writer says no—they read a book designed to sell a lot of copies and make money, which a ghost writer penned. (The writer was Schwartz himself.) Tony Schwartz never dreamed in a million years that Trump would run for president someday. He now regrets what he believes was the bad thing he did for money.

It’s too late. But it’s good that he is sorry.

Can I spend a few moments discussing the race riots that occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this summer? It has relevance to this essay. I spent four weeks living inside the city of Milwaukee in 1974. Being a Navy kid, I’ve lived in many places, both inside the United States and outside; in Europe and the Far East. I remember thinking in 1974 that Milwaukee was the most racist place I’d ever been. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t stand up to it.

Here are some reasons: In 1974 Milwaukee was run by socialist Germans who hated minorities, period. They would have loved their fellow German, Donald Trump, if they knew him, which they probably did, since he was the son of his highly regarded father, Fred Trump, the German billionaire developer and military contractor who built 27,000 segregated rental units in Queens. His son, in his late twenties at the time, was already wealthy and making a name for himself in Manhattan.  

The people I worked for in Milwaukee told me that the police were able to prevent blacks from coming into the white areas by using traffic stops. I never saw a black person while I was there. But I heard a lot of racist talk from whites. Nearly half the city was black. I heard people talk about how bad they (the blacks) were, but I never saw any in the month I lived and worked there. And remember: 1974 was six years after a white racist assassinated Martin Luther King; it was ten years after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act. Segregation was illegal.  

Even today, forty-three years later, only one city in America has more poor or more homeless than Milwaukee. It doesn’t surprise me that the city experienced race-war this summer. It doesn’t surprise me that the city crushed the insurrection, and we no longer remember it, most of us.

I am afraid for the black people in Milwaukee, because as bad as they’ve been treated, the national-socialists who have historically run that town are capable of so much more. Like I said earlier, I’ve been on Twitter. I’ve read the feeds. Under the right leadership, a genocide is completely possible. Some would say we have a slow-burning genocide going on right now.

Trump is unleashing the dogs of war; the dogs who destroy civilizations. With almost three months to go, I don’t know how we patch the breaches in the dams that hold back the barbarians, who are armed to the teeth, by the way, with weapons of war.

Wake up. Everyone. Take a stand now. It will be impossible to make a difference, once we are standing behind razor wire waiting for our turn in the microwave ovens. These monsters are not going to stop with blacks. They will move on to the journalists and people they think are radicals. Eventually, they’ll burn the unfit, the retarded, the disadvantaged and of course, the Muslims. Then they’ll go after the Jews; people with birth defects; autism; bad breath; body odor; torn jeans; the list of defects that bother them will get longer, not shorter.

Somewhere along the line, the attacks on Christians will begin. Some say the attacks have already started; that the successful take-downs of Ted Cruz and John Kasich were the first of many to come; operatives will sprinkle the suppression of Christians into the mix like salt; no one will notice—not until it’s too late to do anything about it.

We’ve seen this movie before. It is the natural course of empires like Germany, Japan, Russia, ancient Egypt, Persia; and of course, ancient Rome—the list is long. We in America will be living in it, soon, if we don’t vote to stop it.

Freak candidates with paranoid billionaires on staff to advise them don’t need GOP money; they don’t need anyone’s approval; they don’t need to buy television time. They have communication networks involving AM radio, mailings, internet and e-mails to spread whatever conspiratorial excrement they choose to dispel—to discredit and defame reasonable people who might dare to defend our country and the shared values enshrined by our constitution.

Evan McMullin, ex-CIA official and presidential candidate.

Fox News, OAN, and Rush Limbaugh, among others, have driven their stupid listeners into a psychosis of evil. It’s disturbing; I would say it’s terrifying. Even our CIA worries.

Evan McMullin, the former CIA officer who is running for president, told Thomas Roberts of MSNBC that providing security briefings to Trump …is a threat to [national security], because he has been co-opted by Vladimir Putin, he is aligned with Vladimir Putin; he would not be able to secure a security clearance at even the lowest levels…he doesn’t know the first thing about fighting terrorism…

David Preiss, former longtime CIA briefer to the presidential candidates, told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC that after the 2000 election, the CIA continued briefings to Al Gore, who they believed won, and suspended briefings to George W. Bush until a few weeks later when the Supreme Court stopped the state’s election-law mandated recount of votes in Florida and gave the presidency to Bush, who CIA analysts believed was the loser.

If the CIA was correct about the election, it must have irritated some of their directors, when Bush falsely claimed that the CIA told his staffers that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction—a lie that some believe began the unraveling of our country. The Great Recession that followed the stolen election and illegal war wiped out one-third of the accumulated wealth of our middle-class; you know, the folks like me and my life-partner and wife, Beverly Mae.

I hope our readers will have enough common sense to vote against Republicans at every level of government, so we can set things right.

This summer in Dimondale, Michigan, Trump told white confederate militias from nearby Charlotte about black people. Speaking directly to blacks, none in the audience, he said: You live in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. What the hell do you have to lose?

The answer is: everything. The New York Times reported a few weeks later that Trump is 650 million dollars in debt. Could they be right?  If true, it means that every black person in the USA has a higher net worth than the Donald.

Aren’t folks tired of predators running everything, ruining everything, wrecking everything, taking everything, and playing everyone?

As our Editorial staff has advocated for two years now, the United States must establish an internationally enforced limit to personal incomes and estate sizes—for the simple reason that unlimited wealth destroys self-governance, democracy, and all the benefits of civilization, which the ordinary citizen wants and deserves.

Billy Lee believes incomes and estates should be limited to some reasonable ratio of the minimum wage. The reason: to prevent legalized looting of our institutions. People could easily buy homes like this and be well within the limits proposed by the Pontificator. The Editorial Board

The limits can be very high and do no harm. My suggestion has been to link the minimum wage to a maximum income and estate size; my recommendation is 1,000 to one for income and 20,000 to one for estate size; we’re talking about an estimated $20 million per year income limit; $400 million maximum estate sizes; inheritances might be limited to $5 million per inheritor.

Limits like these will encourage entrepreneurs, but discourage unreasonable looting, like the kind we see going on in our financial sector. During the Bush administration we had a director of one of our stock exchanges whose annual salary was $150 million. That’s crazy wicked.

Limits will prevent isolated individuals who lack supporters from unduly influencing our elections process. Wealthy men, like Trump, won’t be able to get off the ground their drive-for-ultimate-power, unless many other (hopefully reasonable) people get behind them at the start. Healthy democracies don’t need a Lone Ranger to rescue them.

The process we are witnessing now—where fawners and sycophants leap on board the choo-choo train after it has already left the station—shouldn’t happen in a democracy like ours. The stakes are too high. It demeans and insults the brave and free people of the most exciting country on Earth; the one country where ordinary people govern themselves; where the wealthy and the powerful don’t rule over us, unless they are thoroughly vetted and earn our consent. Otherwise, it’s not right. We all know it.

Possession of wealth beyond certain agreed-upon, international limits should be a felony enforced by national and international courts. People who exceed the limits could be given one (or possibly two) grace-years to turn over the excessive portion of their wealth to charities or the government to avoid a year or more in prison. No one runs for public office after a lifetime of plundering and taking, unless they divest themselves.  

How can anyone trust someone to hold high office who says they have accumulated fourteen-thousand piles of a million dollars each? The person is either a liar, or they aren’t. If they are telling the truth, someone should be asking, how does a person accumulate that much money without cheating people; without hoarding; without recognizing the needs of the poor and downtrodden all around and doing something real and self-sacrificing to help them?

The truth is—for anyone who has the courage to face it—behind every great fortune is a dark secret; sometimes many dark secrets. It’s true. Folks can believe it, or not.

How can anyone who understands the difference between right and wrong even consider casting a vote for the current GOP candidate? How evil are some Americans?  Very, according to some polls. Yes, more than a few people are uninformed. So what? Ignorance is not an excuse. For those who don’t have time to investigate the candidates, I do. Take my word for it.

We are on the precipice of terrible things. Unimaginable things. Men like Trump get worse after victory, not better. People are going to die. Seriously. Many of the people who support this sick man are gun nuts who are still fighting the Civil War. Consider the movement behind this candidate when making the decision to participate, to vote, and who to vote for.

This is serious business. This election is no joke. People who don’t vote will share the blame, if we get a bad result. We can’t elect men who cheat on their wives; who hate minorities; trash the environment; hunt endangered animals; lie compulsively; build casinos; fleece contractors; steal and cheat and take revenge on those who refuse to worship them and the very ground they walk on.

We can’t elect men who are unable to tell truth from fiction; who can’t apologize to people they’ve hurt; who believe preposterous conspiracy theories; who have a history of destroying people who they think are disloyal to their self-centered vision. We just can’t.

The candidate’s children stand to inherit windfalls, if they stay on message; if they hang on to their seats on his train. We are not going to hear dire warnings from them, even though they know better than anyone what a hairball he is.

Billy Lee

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