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What is e exp (-i π) ?

I posted a long answer on where it sort of didn’t do so well. Answers given by others were much shorter but lacked geometric insights. After two days my answer was the most read but least upvoted. It did receive a few positive replies, though.
I can’t help but believe that there must be nerds in cyberspace who might enjoy my answer. Why not post it on my blog? Maybe someday one of my grandkids will get interested in math and read it. Who knows? Continue reading

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Artificial Super-Intelligence

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City, has warned the guardians of the human race to start thinking seriously about the consequences of artificial super-intelligence.

The CEOs of Google, Facebook and other Internet companies are frantically chasing enhancements to artificial-intelligence to help manage their businesses and their subscribers. But the list of actors in the AI arena is long and includes many other parties.

The military-industrial alliance, for example, is a huge player. It should give us pause.

Imagine turning-loose drones which can profile, identify and pursue people they (the drones) predict will become terrorists. Imagine pre-emptive kills by super-intelligent machines who aren’t bothered by conscience or guilt, or even accountable to their “handlers.” That’s what’s coming. In some ways, it’s already here. Continue reading

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Faster Than Light Communication

Communicating with distant space-craft in our solar system is cumbersome and time consuming, because the distances are huge and signals can’t be sent faster than the speed-of-light. A signal from Earth can take from three to twenty-two minutes to reach … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles; and Our Freedom

My question to myself is a simple one: If circumstances conspired to take my car and my driver’s license so that I could never drive a car again as long as I lived, would I feel free? Continue reading

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Nuclear Power and Me

Several plants in Michigan are located on the banks of our great fresh-water lakes. Radioactive waste-products are stored in cooling-ponds on each of these sites just yards away from the purest fresh-water on planet Earth.

Highly radioactive, spent-fuel rods are periodically collected and dry-stored at the Lake Michigan Zion facility, which experts warned in 2015 pose risks not only to the Great Lakes, but to the entire region. This lethal dry-storage facility and the contaminated ponds at the power-plants themselves are growing in size and radioactivity year after year after year. Continue reading

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